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Thema: Das 1935 italienische Telegramm

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    Ich bin ein Sammler in China, 42 Jahre alt, verheiratet, die in Bibliotheken in der Provinz Qinghai.

    Das 1935 italienische Telegramm

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    The 1938 Italian Telegram,
    These lottery ad text is about horse in sports (ippica) lottery?
    I wanna know please give me a link
    Thank you

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    Sorry, but I cannot see anything about sports or horse lottery on this form.
    The indicated text reads about (concerning to my fragmentary italian):
    "Don't mistrust luck!
    By a ticket for the Lottery of Meran
    Become a millionaire!"
    Meran is a major city in Southern Tyrolia, which is part of northern Italy. So most likely they had a local lottery there in the 1930s.
    The telegram's text is also quite interesting, as it is sent by an Italian Infantry member from Bozen (Bolzano, also in Southern Tyrolia), called "Isidoro Turchetto".
    Isidoro communicates:
    "Please tell my sons: Infantrist Pietro Turchetto.... licence - Turchetto Isidoro". (perhaps you can add the missing part).
    To the lower right there is a commercial, which reads "Bevete un Cinzano" (Drink a Cinzano)

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