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Thema: Inquiry: R-Brief, Flugpost Braunau-Salzburg 1938

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    Inquiry: R-Brief, Flugpost Braunau-Salzburg 1938

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    I purchased it, and received it!

    Postage fees Germany 1929-1945:
    Letter (<20g): 0.12 RM
    Letter (21-250g): 0.24 RM
    Registration: 0.30 RM
    Express (City): 0.40 RM
    Air mail (within Germany <20g): 0.10 RM
    Air mail (within Germany <50g): 0.20 RM

    I know that Germany and Austria currency conversion rate: 1 RM = 1.5 (Austrian Schilling).


    1, the envelope Postage (air + registration), 2 个 Austrian stamp (20 + 30) = number of German PN?

    2, from 4 April 1938 the German Empire and Austria stamps to be used in Austria, and require two countries postage (stamps) can stick together in the letter.
    So, this provision (2 countries stamps can stick together in the letter) to what time it end?

    3, The postmark, why is not Linz?
    Braunau, which is under the jurisdiction of the postal area Salzburg?

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    1. There are two currencies in Austria of 1938. On this letter, you find 0,24 RM in German currency and 0,30 RM (= 0,45 Austrian Schilling) in Austrian currency. Therefore, the total postage fixed on this letter is 0,54 RM. This reflects the postage of a normal registered letter within Germany (21-250g). There is no airmail label fixed.

    On the other hand, the postmark "Salzburg Flugpost" allows the conclusion that it was transported by air mail. The postage for an ordinary registered airmail letter within Germany (<20g) would have been 0,52 RM. Perhaps there was a lack of 0,05 or 0,10 RM stamps so that the sender affixed a little bit more for philatelic reasons.

    2. This practice ended, when Austria was occupied by allied troops by March/April 1945.

    3. The letter was not directed to Linz. Most likely Salzburg was the nearest airport for letters from Braunau.


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