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17.06.2006, 16:14

Can someone tell me how i can separate Michel 66-I from 66-III and 66-IV ??
Besides - In my Michel 2003 the earliest date is listed as 14.12.1900 for this stamp. I suppose this goes for the 66-I ?? Are the III and IV issued later than this date?

Lars Böttger
17.06.2006, 16:29

Do you own the Michel-Spezial? If not, this is a bit difficult to explain as the pictures show the differences in design very well. But let´s give it a try:

Type I: Blunt 5, R in Reichspost without serifes, ear of minister Bötticher in the vignette not visible.

Type II: 5 more pointed, R in Reichspost with serifes, ear of minister Bötticher visible.

Type III: Retouches in red and white due to insufficient printing.

Type IV: Retouches only in white.

I think you can safely presume that the Type III and IV show up later than Type I.

Best regards,